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The BeautifulP.Bertrand/P.Mason


THE BEAUTIFUL,  born out of collaboration between singer Lisbet Guldbaek and musician Pierre Bertrand, introduces each track with an esthetic pop beat joined by a string orchestra.

The voice is central and increases in colour as the orchestral arrangements take the songs to a new dimension.


THE BEAUTIFUL consists of six original tracks and five covers that made a major impression in Lisbet’s life, as well as a Peter Kingsbery composition as a bonus track.



Lisbet Guldbaek



Alfio ORIGLIO : Piano

Bruno BONGARÇON : guitares

Laurent VERNEREY : Bass

Gil GIMENEZ : drums, percussions

Vladimir DUBOIS : Cor solo

Pierre BERTRAND : Flute

ORCHESTRE DE l’ALHAMBRA (18 strings)  

Arnaud Chataignier : First violine

Sound engineer: Frédéric Magnier

Photos Karim Foudil

           directed & arranged


              Pierre Bertrand 


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